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Created on Apr 8, 2021

Launch Supervisor - view only team - not entire company

Is there a way to limit a supervisor to only see their team’s when they Launch Supervisor?

Currently supervisors see everyone on Claims and Operations and it would help them if they didn’t have all the employees in the list that they weren’t responsible for.

  • Kurt Hoskovec
    Dec 10, 2021

    Admins should be able to set this up using Roles and Views. The following links give overview information as well as how to information that can be used to set up custom Roles and Views.



  • Sam B
    Aug 2, 2021

    Surely this is a security and potentially data protection issue as access to the supervisor application gives access to see all agents, performance metrics and listen in to their calls, even if the person with access is not a manager of the agent. The access should conform to the supervisor's role restrictions on Team and Campaign.

  • Shibi Jothy
    Jun 11, 2021

    I second this idea. A supervisor, once logged-in should be able to see reports, call logs, etc. of only the members within the group.