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Status Under review
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Created on Apr 13, 2021

Enable individuals with admin access to enter partial day PTO prior to schedule forecasting.

At my organization, we have very small teams. As such, accounting for all anticipated time off is critical to our ability to have accurate forecasts. Today, the system only allows admins to enter full days off prior to forecasting. Entering partial day PTO after forecasts are generated means our forecasts are immediately invalidated. We need the ability to enter partial day PTO, along with rules (i.e. - specifying a start and end time). The forecasts will be far more accurate this way. This would still mean that shifts might need to be modified by the forecaster to align with the PTO request after schedules are generated (i.e. - an employee takes PTO from 2pm-4pm anticipating an earlier start and gets scheduled to work until 5pm, thus necessitating moving their start time earlier after schedules are generated). However, having the forecast anticipate the lack of their availability during the time they've been approved to take time off would have a significant impact on our ability to accurately account for staff.