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Created by Guest
Created on Apr 15, 2021

Answering multiple calls in the new ring central app

Developers please try to solve the problem as it is not possible to answer multiple phone calls in the new Ring central app, however it is possible to do so in the old phone app,

For example if we log into the old phone app the one with the phone on it , we can receive and manage multiple phone calls and put on hold and transfer and take another phone call just like on any physicals phone with multiple lines, and in the admin portal under phone system, Phones and devices, user phones, we are all showing green .

if we log out of the old phone app and log in the new one, we are not visible to the system and we are all showing red,

for that reason system does not see us available and we are only able to receive one call per line per user in the que, this is very unfortunate and create a big problems on our end to have both apps open at the same time , so we can group chat on one , and take multiple calls on the other one,

Hope you can do something about it

Thank you in advance