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Status Planned
Created by Ryan Bickett
Created on Apr 20, 2021
Merged idea

This idea has been merged into another idea. To comment or vote on this idea, please visit ENTCOM-I-54 Support for threaded conversations.

Combine back-to-back messages from the same user Merged

Users often send multiple messages back-to-back, sending a message as they complete each thought, rather than composing a full message and posting once. This is a natural way many people communicate in chat and IM interfaces. It would be great if the app could combine consecutive messages from one user into a single message visually. There could some invisible timer in the background so if a minute or two passed with no new posts, and the same user posted another message, that would be treated as a separate message.

RC Classic did something like this - see attached screenshot. Each line is a separate post, but my avatar is only shown once and the messages are combined with one timestamp. It makes things much easier to read when someone sends rapid-fire messages.

One improvement over the RC Classic feature - when messages get grouped together, they still have separate actions on the right side (bookmark, pin, edit, etc.). It would be better if these ALSO were combined into a single action menu, so those actions would cover the entire grouping of messages.