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Created on Apr 22, 2021
Merged idea

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allow multiple users to change caller id to a common toll free number for each SMS message (old app had this) Merged

This feature I'm told was in Glip but not the new app. We are having problems with SMS messages failing every day. We understand that if we send out SMS via the toll free numbers, we will not have problems with failures.

However I don't want to have every user in 1 department to have an 800 number.
We need to allow multiple users to send SMS via the department toll free number. This way any responses can come via API to a common queue and be handled when users are out. We can't afford to have the charges from 25 toll free numbers and countless calls and texts just because of this issue with failed texts.

We need a department to have joint access. So, we understand we need ability for each user to change caller id to 800 number.