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Status Under review
Created by Andy Wetterhan
Created on Apr 26, 2021

Push SMS notifications to an RC Team

Hello, My company uses a service that only utilizes email and SMS to push notifications. I would like to be able to assign a generic phone number to an RC Team so we can get a notification in said team. Unfortunately, the E-Mail option would just be too slow for what we are trying to accomplish. I had some great support from RC already on this but it seems our only solution at this time is to utilize an individual's number to receive texts which would then be forwarded to the group as an integration. I am afraid that the response time here would also still be too slow. I need to be able to have a response time within 30 seconds. I believe this would be a great feature for other members of our organization as well. For instance, our after-hours team could get texts from clients who are unable to communicate otherwise.