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Status Under review
Categories RingCentral Video
Created by Tevon Campbell
Created on Apr 27, 2021

RingCentral Video Meeting Available in Citrix Environment

The ability to host a RingCentral Video meeting in the citrix environment and offload resource use to the local desktop. Similar to what Zoom is doing.

  • Richard Valenta
    Sep 29, 2022

    Per a ticket today, there is Citrix Optimization for voice, just not meetings yet (so probably plug ins need to be developed, etc, etc). I had meetings state "low resources" during many video users in a meeting, they let me know this was why and may be reviewing this option now. I believe voice does offload like that now, so adding video offloading is what is needed. Also, I know that having support for Linux distributions would be nice for both audio and video (check "IGEL" solutions).

  • Moto Tohda
    Jul 28, 2022

    Unless RingCentral is trying to lose all the Citrix users to MS Teams or Zoom, this is a must and high priority.
    I have asked about this, and by the way, RingCentral is at dead last at accommodating this. All other competitors have done this already.


Add option to use video feature on RingCentral through Citrix

Add option to use video feature on RingCentral through Citrix . It would be great to add video feature using different third party platform once it it integrated to an active RingCentral account.
Guest over 2 years ago in RingCentral Integrations 0 Under review