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Please remove disabled & deleted users from any call flows/ring groups

When an employee leaves our company, we disable and then delete their extension (per RC Admin training), effectively dropping the extension into the 'Unassigned Extensions' page/list. If the phone 'object' (GLIP, RC Phone, physical phone, etc) associated with that terminated user was added to any other extensions' call flow, the phone object is still listed in the call flows even after the associated user has been disabled & deleted. When we re-use that unassigned extension for a new employee, the associated phone object is still in all of the call flows that the terminated employee was in. RC support told us to try swapping out the phone number on the phone object (didn't work), swapping out the assigned phone object for a different phone object (didn't work), and to delete the unassigned extension, effectively adding a license back to our account, and then re-create the extension when we're ready to re-use the license (didn't work, phone object still remained in call flows). Since RC can't provide us a way to identify which call flows a phone is a member of (without opening each individual extension's call flow settings) and they keep telling me this is a 'feature' not a bug, I have little choice but to request this be fixed via this forum.

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  • Apr 27 2021
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  • Admin
    Becky Hensley commented
    29 Apr 03:46pm

    Thanks for sharing this idea - makes sense. We'll share with the team!