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Status Under review
Created by Evron Mason
Created on Apr 28, 2021

Universal Dock/undock feature for each section in the new app

My company recently joined Ringcentral and many users wanted the ability to only see their dial pad without the extra things in the desktop app.
I noticed that once you enable the HUD in the desktop app, HUD is able to undock from the main app as well as the 2 sub sections (Extensions and Park Locations) are each able to undock from the main window. You are allowed to close the main window while keeping those undocked windows open.

Would it be possible to adopt this undock/dock feature to more sections of the app? My agents would love to be able to undock their dial pad.

I would undock my dial pad, HUD and specific message conversations from the "Message" section, thus prioritizing the things most important at the time.

We would love for this to be implemented.

Thanks for your time!