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Status Under review
Created by Paul Garcia
Created on May 1, 2021

Allow Performance created subscription to be accessed by all super admins

As of the moment only the user who created the report can view the performance. There should be an ability to share it.

  • Graeme Ross
    Nov 7, 2023

    Just working with support to track down a subscription that I think I made but is not viewable under my dashboard. Every subscription should have the name or email of the person that defined it to track this down. Right now it is a mystery and this would help to solve it.

    Having all subscriptions accessible to Admins would allow better management when someone leaves the organization or moves to another role. Right now it is a mystery!

  • Ward Williams
    Sep 7, 2023

    +1 on this. Generally, ALL performance reports should be shareable with any RingCentral user (or an option to share with ALL users in the domain/RC account). You should be able to choose 'View' or 'Edit' or maybe even 'Ownership' permissions. Just use any share functionality from, say, Google Docs as a model for the feature.