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Status Future consideration
Created by Zoe Ratchford
Created on May 4, 2021

IVR Reporting on options

Would be good to be able to report on each option within the IVR to know how many times an option is being pressed.

  • John Oliphant
    Jul 26, 2022

    The IVRs are powerful, but we don't have any idea how well they're working if we cannot determine if options aren't being used, or if users are just pressing 0 once they hear the greeting.

  • Daniel Herrera
    Jan 18, 2022

    Very good suggestion. We are expanding our IVR options to 2 of our major campuses. It would be great to get IVR press paths reporting option to know how often customers are making certain selections. This way we can tailor our menu to introduce options that are most commonly selected by our customers.


Analytics Visual IVR View

I would like to have an analytics view that shows the Visual IVR tree with how much traffic goes down each path. This will show which IVR menus are most frequently used, and show where possible bottle-necking of customer so we can allocate more re...
Brewed Inc. 9 months ago in RingCentral Analytics 0 Future consideration