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Status Under review
Categories RingCentral Phone
Created by Monroe Thompson
Created on May 5, 2021

Call Monitoring an extension indefinitely, through all calls/call attempts. -Not just one call at a time...

Monitoring Feature REQUEST

When we used to have Vonage, when you monitored someone, your extension "sat" above the monitored extension, hearing every call that came in.

Currently, RingCentral customers can only use the monitor button for one call. Also, the monitoring will not work unless the call is connected.

My feature request includes monitoring an extension indefinitely, through all calls/call attempts, then the user doing the monitoring can back out of this mode by ending his/her call. Can this be done? This would be a HUGE help for training purposes. This allows the monitoring user to only enter monitoring mode ONCE to hear multiple calls. Other features like whisper and barge should still be available to use.

  • Tad Dube
    Jul 22, 2021

    This would be huge. Training would be so much easier if we could have our reps listen to a manager's calls indefinitely...rather than having to manually go through the process each time. Kind of surprised that this feature isn't standard...