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Status Under review
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Created on May 6, 2021

Update RingCentral agent availability statuses in Salesforce user fields

We distribute new leads to agents within Salesforce using load balancing and availability statuses. Our lead distribution tool can only act on changes to Salesforce fields, however.

Currently, we can look at whether an agent is logged into Salesforce or not, but we would like to be able to see 1) if the agent is active in RingCentral, and 2) if they are currently on the phone. This would enable us to prioritize sending new leads to agents who are logged in but are not currently on a call, thus improving the likelihood of that new lead receiving a speedy response.

Please add this functionality to the RingCentral Salesforce integration, so that updates to RingCentral statuses are reflected in Salesforce user fields that can be accessed by this and other tools.

  • Murugan Balu
    Feb 9, 2023


    Is it possible to add new status for In Break and back from break?