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Status Under review
Created by Jerad VanDerBeek
Created on May 7, 2021

Emergency Company Wide Switch to Night Mode

We would like to have a company wide rule that we can set in the case of a company wide shutdown. This rule would allow all IVR and call queues to act like it's after normal business hours. Basically we would like a button that switches the system into after hours mode. Currently we have to go through and manually modify all IVR and call queues with reduced working hours.

  • Rick Bean
    Jun 21, 2022

    This feature should be standard. I would add that it would be more useful to be able to do this at the site level. Some of our clients have VERY fluid schedules, and would also like to be able to put the site into 'night mode' when they go to lunch (the calls get sent to the main office).

  • Dan Callahan
    Jun 9, 2022

    Please add this ASAP! I would like to have a button that can toggle the phone system state between "business hours" and "after hours" so we can turn the phones on and off when needed.

  • Paul Blank
    Apr 11, 2022

    There should be more than one after-hours mode so that things like holiday mode or emergency shutdown can be selected. Our old PBX did this effortlessly.

  • Paul Blank
    Jan 29, 2022

    Still waiting to hear back. I've made this request again, apparently to no avail.

  • Guest
    Nov 16, 2021

    Definitely have my vote for this. This is a MUST for most companies and we've had to use silly workarounds like custom answering rules that take 5 minutes to log in and enable the rule, then disable it when finished. This should be a programmable key on the phones (or similar) that toggles day/night mode, just like other systems.

  • Paul Blank
    Sep 17, 2021
    ABSOLUTELY SHOCKED (REALLY!) that this feature isn't baked into the RingCentral universe from the get-go. 25 year-old PBXs have this. Yikes.