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Status Under review
Created by Khadra Michaelsen
Created on May 7, 2021

Add RingCentral as a carrier to the SMS notification feature on call queue voicemails.

There is currently no way to get notification on the RingCentral Mobile app when a call is left in a call queue voice mail. If RingCentral was added as a carrier, an SMS notification could be sent to the call queue member's RingCentral numbers.

Alternate is to add an option to send a message to the call queue member's via the mobile app.


Company Number SMS Notifications to Group of People As Opposed to Just One User

Good morning, Has the idea been approached for multiple users to be able to receive notifications when company SMS has been received? Thank you, Connie
Grapevine Admin almost 2 years ago in RingCentral Analytics 0 Under review