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Categories RingCentral Phone
Created by Guest
Created on May 10, 2021

Ability to test headset to see if sound works

The old RingCentral had the ability to test to ensure that the headset volumes were working.

I am running version updated 04/28/2021. I am using a Toorun M26 Bluetooth headpiece V4.1 which works very well with RingCentral.

I can see in Notifications and Sounds where I can set my microphone, speaker, & ringer sources; I see the volume control. There is no place to test the sources like there used to be in the old RingCentral app.

I would like to be able to test the sources before I start my day to ensure everything is working properly. I am not talking about RingCentral meetings, but about the main phone app.

  • Guest
    Apr 6, 2022

    Hello Jennifer,

    I sent the initial request months ago. I cannot believe that you are just now getting back to me. This is absolutely terrible customer service. I would not recommend RingCentral to anyone.


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