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Status Under review
Created by Louise Baker
Created on May 11, 2021

Make it easier to turn off AutoNumbering (or make it user preference)

In the new RC, anytime you enter 1. it starts to autonumber.
I can see how this might be useful, however its incredibly aggravating to turn off or disable when you don't want it. I haven't found an easy way to do this. Regardless, its a HUGE struggle when you're trying to type something that ISN'T a list, but Glip is insisting it is a list.

Can you please make this easier to turn off?
Or maybe assume that if something is preceded with [code], I'm not going to want to auto-number?

  • Rick Case x567 (PT)
    May 11, 2021

    Agreed! Please make it stop! For example, I type [code] (manually) and paste in some CSS from my editor, but it has indentations. Voila, in my fast-paced chat with the lead architect I am plagued with autonumbering on my CSS. NO! So I try to treat it like my code editor, Shift+Tabbing it backward, but that doesn't work either; I'm moved outside of the box. Time after time. Haha, it's a comic tragedy.