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Status Under review
Created by Paul Dobbs
Created on May 11, 2021

Retain prior "Status" text in history after user Changes their Status

If you set your status for your extension, it displays it beside your name in the messages section.

If you change your status, all prior messages also show the new status you enter.

This doesn't necessarily work well. What your status is -now- should not be reflected in your previous messages before you changed that status. It should stay what it was at the time you send that message.

If I had a status of "Working on fix for E-mail" at 5pm on May 10th, and I send a message to a Team with that status, it should keep that same text beside my name for that message sent, even thought the next day I change my status to now read "E-mail fixed, working on server now". New messages I post to the Team should show that new status, but all prior messages should show the status I had when I sent those.