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Created by Guest
Created on May 14, 2021

Is it possible to configure the number of times a prompt is repeated in the IVR system? Currently set to repeat 3 times, hard coded. I have a flow in which if the person stays on the line I would like it to goto an extension. Currently the greeting repeats 3 times before going to the extension. This is not desired. It would be better if it repeated only once before going to the extension. With everything being configurable why is this setting hard coded? Thanks.

As it will give the customers option to select how many times they want the IVR Menu Greeting to play in case the caller will not press anything. As right now its fixed to play the IVR menu 3 times. As some customers will really not prefer to stay that long in the line just to listen to greeting.

  • Ed Vogt
    Jan 27, 2023

    Totally Agree!

  • Joe Cache - 1601
    Apr 8, 2022

    This should be an 'X' field that SuperAdmins can update - so, repeat this menu 'X' times before transferring. It should not be hard-coded.

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