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Status Under review
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Created on May 18, 2021

Offer Ring Central app with Sandboxing disabled for Citrix deployments

We have been testing the Ring Central App in our Citrix environment. Users log in via Wyse terminals running ThinOS 9.1+. Since there is no Ring Central workspace plugin for ThinOS we are required to rely on HDX redirection.

The issue is that Chrome/Chromium apps run with audio sandboxing making the detection of certain audio hardware (specifically microphones) impossible when the end client is running on ThinOS. The solution for Chrome has been to deploy a GPO to disable the audio sandbox which allows for the detection of audio hardware.

Since the Ring Central app is an Electron app and thus uses Chromium, running the app with --no-sandbox allows for the detection of microphones and other hardware correctly. This still also allows for HDX redirection to work correctly. However, there are times in which the app cannot reliably start without sandbox (for example, if the user opens a meeting invite from Outlook with the app not open).

As such it might be useful to have a specific install of the app that has the --no-sandbox set in the app itself so that these configurations will run correctly all the time.