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Status Planned
Created by Niki Martschinske
Created on May 20, 2021
Merged idea

This idea has been merged into another idea. To comment or vote on this idea, please visit ENTCOM-I-49 SMS / Text Auto Responder.

Automatic Replies in Messaging Merged

Automatic Replies in messaging for direct messages would be helpful when you will have a time of unavailability, such as time Out of Office or in Training.

  • Christina Smith
    Mar 16, 2022

    when someone sends a text, we should ne able to have an automatic reply with an out of office message, and whom to contact in our absence. This would be a game changer! Especially if we are on vacation or leave of absence and don’t want to come back to thousands of messages from angry clients thinking we aren’t responding to them.

  • Niki Martschinske
    Jun 3, 2021

    HI Jessica,

    The intent was team messaging through Glip. Text messaging would be nice as well, though!

  • Admin
    Jessica Hernandez
    Jun 3, 2021

    Hi Niki,

    Can you confirm if you mean text messaging or team messaging? Thank you!