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Status Under review
Categories Hardware
Created by Craig Miceli
Created on May 21, 2021

Make the process of transferring a physical desk phone from one user to another more intuitive

On a new account with desk phones assigned to unassigned numbers, the process of getting an assigned extension with a softphone to have a desk phone from assigned to an unassigned extension is counter intuitive and very difficult. It currently involves assigning the unassigned extension with desk phone to a new or existing user, swapping the desk phone for a softphone (to send the desk phone to inventory), deleting the attached phone number (to send to inventory), then going into the softphone and swapping with the unassigned desk phone in inventory. It would be a useful feature to be able to directly swap phones between users and unassigned extensions. One other solution could be to assign new account phones directly to inventory rather than un-assigned extensions.