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Status Under review
Created by Craig Miceli
Created on May 21, 2021

Make the process of removing a phone number from an unassigned extension more intuitive

When deleting a number from an unassigned extension with a phone, it leaves an unassigned user called ext. with no device assigned. There is no way to attach a phone number from inventory to that extension without a device. To associate a phone number as an unassigned extension an admin would need to delete those unassigned extensions without devices then add the new unassigned extension and select the previous number from inventory to attach. That process also involves choosing a shipping method even if the phone is a softphone. It seems very counterintuitive. Suggest not requiring shipping if softphone is selected. Also, suggest making deleting a number more intuitive ie. a button to send the number back to inventory and automatically delete the unassigned extension without a phone.