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Created on May 28, 2021
Merged idea

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Add shared or rotating VM receiving and faxes Merged

RingCentral, in a massive oversight, does NOT allow members of a queue to all share incoming voicemails or faxes to a business. This wouldn't be all that traumatic....if you could share VMs or faxes with collegues in either individual or batch form through any RingCentral App. Sure you could share the email notification you receive because every single email service offers forwarding, however you encounter the inconvenience of no speech-to-text......I'm not sure why this is a problem with any web based soft phone in 2021...... This is an easy fix RingCentral, Modify voicemail boxes and fax box to simply be tied to the main business phone/fax numbers and have all current users with a box next to their name to check if you want to grant access to the main voicemail inbox and access to incoming faxes.