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Created by Guest
Created on May 31, 2021

Fix Voicemail Access

If you create a Queue, and a caller ends up in that voicemail, there is no easy way for the members of the Queue to get to that voicemail. They have to be given advanced levels of access (Admin) to the system to access it.

Currently, this means the Tech admin has to keep going in and helping the Queue members now get to messages that our general reception team needs to access, and that is nuts!

This needs to be fixed ASAP. It is a fundamental function that a shared, general delivery voicemail system be available to any company! Our team does miss calls, they do end up in the voicemail. They have to have an easy way to just jump right into those. They cannot keep asking the Tech person to go get these messages for them. Every member of a Queue should see the Queue voicemails IN their own voicemail menu as a box (ie: Queue heading, with the name(s) of the queues beneath it that they click on and can then manage right there).

There should also be an easy *something access point to it. Like *86 plus the queue extension number to trigger a prompt to then enter the queue VM password so as to check it over the phone.

  • Darryl McFarlane
    Jun 1, 2021

    This functionality is already there I believe. You do not have to give them "Admin" level access, but you do have to give them Queue Manager permissions.

    Or set the voicemail PIN for the call queue and have them call into the Call queue and press * and it should ask them for that voicemail PIN. We have done it both ways.


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