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Created by Guest
Created on Jun 8, 2021

Would like to view calendar that shows EVERYTHING at all times, the color tags

Its super hard to schedule something with a customer on the phone and we have to literally press on everyday + however more things are on that day, the old ring central showed the whole calendar by month and day and each block it showed what was scheduled for the entire day with every appt listed to see at all times without having to go back and clicking on every day. it made it quick and easy to schedule when you were not looking through each day to find a opening. Also, the color tags have been changed. We color code each job and we have a crew for each type of job with that said the colors are so close to each other that it makes it hard to tell what crew\job its assigned to. The colors of the old app were perfect. Next issue is when adding people to events, we have to type in each persons name instead of copy and pasting when you have 20-30 + people being tagged it makes it easier and faster to copy and paste like the old app did. Also the old app allowed to copy and paste the title and the full notes this one only allows to copy the title then you have to paste it then go back and copy the note, a lot of extra work that isn't necessary. We are a 24/7/365 business and we need something that is fast and easy. WE LIKE TH OLD APP BETTER!!

  • Admin
    Jessica Hernandez
    Sep 13, 2021


    You can now view the whole month's events under Workspace - Events - Calendar in the dektop app.