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Status Under review
Created by Alex Janes
Created on Jun 9, 2021

Allow 911 Alert Recipients to Listen to 911 Call

When a 911 call is placed, all 911 alert recipients should be part of a queue to be able to pick up and listen to the call in real time. This will allow internal emergency teams to be fully aware of all aspects of the emergency, without wasting precious time by calling each other multiple times to coordinate. In addition the notification team could barge in to provide 911 call centers critical data, if the original caller is unable to provide the information.

This is a feature currently supported by Zoom Phones, and should be implemented into Ring Central for both competitive and safety reasons.

  • Alex Janes
    Feb 16, 2022

    I should add...

    If this feature were to be implemented, there are configuration options that would need to exist to do it safely. Specifically, this feature would need to allow admins to configure a separate list of people who can pick up these calls. It should not just automatically be the 911 notification list.