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Created on Jun 9, 2021

The same number needs to be able to ring on 2 or more physical phones, especially is it is an emergency line.

I recently started as a security manager for my company and was in shock to find out that the emergency number that is posted at all our buildings and campuses rings on only one phone. This is very concerning. If someone calls an emergency line for an incident like a vehicle accident and a Security Operations Officer is on the line trying to provide assistance or dispatch responders and you have a separate incident in which someone is trying to call the emergency line due to someone having difficult breathing, the 2nd Security Operations Officer should be able to answer the other Emergency Line call on a different phone. To think that this type of calls may go unanswered is unacceptable. This is a standard for large companies. I’m sorry but if this is not something that is rectified then I have to recommend going with a different service.