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Contact presence should be more descriptive than just a colored dot

Contact presence should show words like available, unavailable, in a meeting, etc beyond just the colored dot. Currently, when dialing a phone you have to click on the contact name to see the presence status. Also, a gray dot may not be readily understood.

  • Craig Miceli
  • Jun 9 2021
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  • Bill Coale commented
    4 Aug 02:50pm
  • Bill Coale commented
    13 Jul 05:02pm

    On the non-classic RingCentral app Version: Web, Windows,
    the availability status "Invisible" is, well, invisible.


    • When viewing the DIRECT MESSAGES list of members,
      the color differences between the green and gray dots are very challenging to see.

    • The "High contrast theme" setting is very slightly better, as the green is a brighter neon green.

    • It is especially challenging to differentiate once the member is clicked,
      and the blue rectangle highlights that member status and name.

    Two options to fix this:

    1. If the status is "Invisible",
      then instead of the gray circle, display nothing.
      (no circle and no color)
      Just like how the DIRECT MESSAGES conversations with more than one member display now, with no circle in the status column.

    2. For the three availability status' icons,
      which are: Available, Do Not Disturb, and Invisible,

      1. a green circle icon for Available

      2. a red dash icon for Do Not Disturb

      3. a white (transparent) triangle outline icon for Invisible

    Also, building on Craig's request for words:

    • when you hover on the availability status icon,
      have a tooltip popup,
      with the status description.