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Status Under review
Created by Allan Tong
Created on Jun 16, 2021

Deleting texts via the RC outlook addon

When using the RC outlook plugin and receiving texts (messages) it is not possible to delete the texts via the RC outlook addon. Although, opening the RC phone app and deleting the texts (messages) works… but only sort of. After deleting the texts (messages) in the RC Phone app and then reopening outlook, The RC outlook addon shows blank texts (messages) by “anonymous” so, although the texts (messages) are deleted from the RC outlook addon it is still taking up space and does not look professional for an app and or an apps outlook addon.

So, The idea is somewhat simple although I’m sure on the backend for the developers it might not be but its this. To be able to delete messages and or texts within the RC Outlook Addon. Or even for the integration between the RC Phone app and the RC Outlook Addon to be more precise so that even if texts (messages) cannot be deleted directly from the RC Outlook addon, they can be deleted via the RC Phone app and then relaunching outlook with the RC outlook addon would update accordingly.

This would be useful for people that would like to feel and or have RingCentral more integrated into their Outlook. Maybe users only have one monitor and or don’t want to have multiple windows open and switching between RC Phone and Outlook.

Regardless though, the deletion of Texts (messages) is not an option within the RC outlook addon currently and deleting them via the RC Phone app does not work well as it leaves traces that there “was” texts “messages” in the RC Outlook addon