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Status Implemented
Created by Kent Haines
Created on Jun 21, 2021

Single Sign-On for Support Site

Signing onto the site to get anything done is a true hassle. You go to the site, click the link to log in, then when you click on the My Cases link, you are told "It looks like you're not logged in" and you have to log in again. Then, once you are viewing your case list, when you click on a case to view that case, you are again told "It looks like you're not logged in" and you have to log in FOR A THIRD TIME! If my users had to log in that many times just to view an open ticket they'd be furious at my IT department. Guess what? The multiple log ins on your site just to get case work done just may drive me elsewhere. The tech at the help desk told me that's normal because they're different systems. Well, no, it's not normal. You should only have to log into the support site one time. Can you please arrange for single sign-on for your support site?

  • Kent Haines
    Jul 19, 2021

    Just an FYI���this is not fixed yet. I was at a conference last week so wasn���t able to test it, but when I just did I was asked to login when trying to get into an existing ticket.


  • Rylie Perrault
    Jul 12, 2021

    Hello! This is a known issue that our team has been working on solving. Great news - users no longer have to log in twice to create a web case! Please let us know if this update doesn't solve your problem!