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Status Under review
Created by Ivan Goldsmith
Created on Jun 24, 2021

Call Queue Membership Based on Day (Rules)

When a member of staff works across multiple teams and call queues, it is currently a manual task to manage call queue membership to switch between them.

For example, they are manually added to a Call Queue for the Sales Team between Monday to Wednesday. They are then removed from the Sales Team Call Queue and added to a Call Queue for the Support Team between Thursday and Friday. This is because they have split their job role across two teams.

If they are permanently added to both call queues they will receive all calls for both teams. This is not ideal when they are working for the Sales Team and only want to receive those calls Monday to Wednesday and the Support Team calls should only be received Thursday and Friday.

It would be really beneficial if we could manage call queue membership by day and time?
Or if under custom rules we could configure call queue membership to achieve this.