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Created by Joe Mahlow
Created on Jun 24, 2021

Make tasks chronological

When a task is created inside a Team or Group, it used to put the un-comppleted tasks on the right side. and they were in order, now they aren't... The purpose of the task list on the left side was to make it easier to see taks. 
  • Rylie Perrault
    Jun 25, 2021

    Hi! Thanks for coming to the Ideas Portal!

    Tasks can be found in the group by clicking "show details" on the top right of the screen, and then clicking "more" if the task column is hidden. Tasks are ordered by due date, and once they are complete they are moved to the bottom of the list of tasks.

    Here is an article where you can find more info:

    Please let us know if this doesn't address your request! Thanks!