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Status Under review
Created by Dariusz C.
Created on Jun 30, 2021

Simplify login for SSO/enterprise users

Currently when users login to any RingCentral app (desktop, mobile, web) they are prompted for their email address or phone number first which triggers the manual password signin process only and to sign in with Single Sign-on (SSO) users have to click the "Single Sign-on" button first before they enter their email address and continue to be redirected to the company SSO provider. Why not make this process smarter and more user friendly by only requesting user to enter email or phone number and detect the appropriate authentication flow automatically based on account/org setup for the email address entered and redirecting the user to the company SSO (ex: SAML, Google, etc.)? All enterprise level apps (O365, Adobe, etc.) that I can think of do this to make it easier for the end user so why not make Ring Central login page smarter? Anytime we onboard new users in RingCentral we have to mention to them that RingCentral is different and requires them to click the Single Sign-on button first before they enter their email address yet people still forget and run in to login issues which turn in to needles Help Desk support cases.

  • Dariusz C.
    Sep 1, 2021

    Looks like sign in experience has improved recently as I just noticed that for users who use SSO (at least in case of SAML) you no longer have to click the "Single Sign-On" button on the bottom of the Sign in page as entering your email and clicking Next button does take you to your SSO login screen automatically instead of returning an error. Thank you RC product/dev team for making the Sign in screen smarter :)