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Status Under review
Categories Hardware
Created by Michael Carbonel
Created on Jul 1, 2021

Ability to add Company Logo in Desk phones

We need our deskphones to display our company logo for business purposes.

  • Director Admin
    Jul 1, 2021

    This simple upgrade is necessary as I am tired of explaining to my clients when the phone is facing them who RingCentral is I just want to Brand my company when trying to close a deal and a customer is asking you about a logo on your phone it's just really taking things sideways in today's world where money making is very important to small businesses we need our logo to be what the phone shows and not RingCentral if I want to educate a customer on my phone service I will do so on my own I don't need it branded across the phone

    Company Branding should be something we have the ability to do since we are the ones paying for our phone service and phones and should not be branded by the company that is providing the service

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