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Created by Lauren Sullivan
Created on Jul 1, 2021

Add Usage Reports for Glip

It would be really beneficial to be able to run analytics on Glip usage. We are using it to tell if remote workers are online and attending to messages, however there isn't any report that we can run to confirm our observations with data.

  • Guest
    Aug 19, 2021

    It is great that this is being developed - I really need to give GLIP ("message") reports to my boss. He is MOST interested in off-hours (ie 1800-0900 & Sat-Sun) activity.

    Is there any way to add a time filter to the date range screen, like there is in the call reporting, so that I can see ONLY off-hours, please?

  • Rylie Perrault
    Jul 2, 2021

    Hi, thanks for coming to the Ideas Portal!

    We currently offer a beta version of this type of reports! You can check out the details here: