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Status Under review
Created by Guest
Created on Jul 2, 2021

Allow multiple call queue call handling methods at once

The ustomer would like the ability to have more than one call handling option available for a given schedule block (business hours, after hours, etc.) For exmaple, if a call comes in after hours - they can only send the call to the call queue's voicemail or a specific extension. They would like to offer callers more than just that, they want to be able to configure multiple options. For example, one option will send the caller to the queue's voicemail, and the secondary option will send the caller to a specific extension.

We found a workaround in setting up an IVR for the specific extension transfer, but it would be more efficent to have this functionality directly in the call queue

  • Theresa Binalla
    Nov 6, 2021

    One customer describing call queue forwarding option on After Hours: whoever answers the call queue first, the next succeeding calls on this After Hours time frame, will ring first the same call queue member. If no answer, all the call queue members' mobile app should ring, simultaneously.