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Ability to **respond** to short code SMS messages.

I use RC as my primary phone service. In many cases organizations send SMS messages from "short code" numbers. I can receive them on RC. But I can not respond. This is an important feature!

  • Eugene's Phone
  • Jul 14 2021
  • Under review
  • Seravox Inc commented
    12 Apr 05:44pm

    It is incredible that RC fully supports text messages but not short code replies. We are slowly moving all of our business accounts to a Google Voice number. If RC doesn't fix this reasonably soon, we are switching our virtual PBX provider.

  • Mack Aferlin commented
    25 Mar 05:23pm

    This is very bad for business and needs desperately to be added as a feature. I can't get my codes from the business bank account.

  • Akiva Lorenz Ph.D. commented
    16 Mar 04:41pm

    This needs to be a priority!! If not Ring Central is not longer an option for us. Several of our lagest lead providers use Short Codes and we need to be able to respond! Telling us to change our phone number with them to our private cell phone numbers is NOT accaptible and Ring Central should be ashamed of themselves to even suggest this!!

  • System Admin commented
    25 Feb 10:01pm

    Omg -- come on --- this should be a priority, no?!

  • John Demar commented
    3 Feb 08:44pm

    I just discovered that this feature isn't available after I went through switching around 50 or so services to send to my RC number instead of my cell number. It looks like I'll have to spend another few hours moving all these back to sending to my cell phone. Very unfortunate. Short code messages are becoming increasingly common. Google Phone can do this (for free), why can't RC do this?

  • Guest commented
    28 Aug, 2021 07:21pm

    This -- not only can I not respond, I can't opt out either.

    I can't rate the technician that installed our internet service, I can't text with a support agent via short code, I can't opt out of spam texts to my direct line, and I can't reschedule services from the short-code service that just texted me about another install.

    I understand it's difficult to implement because of sms to extensions, at a minimum could you enable replying to a short code service that starts the conversation?