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Created by Guest
Created on Jul 17, 2021

When disable and re-enable a phone on the app, it reverts back to 4 Rings / 20 seconds.

Some of our users have multiple lines and multiple phones. Have more than 1 Polycom phone active at the same time seem to give us problems where few percent of the call gets dropped at 1 or 2 seconds. When we start disable 1 and enable the other, the problem goes away. However when we disable and enable a line on the web portal, it retains whatever the previous setting of 8 Rings / 40 seconds. But If we disable and enable a line on the mobile app, it changes the line to 4 Rings / 20 seconds. 4 Rings is too short for us and because the order/position of lines change after the line is disabled/enable, sometimes we didn't notice the 8 Rings has change to 4 Rings. Please make the mobile app work like the web. Don't change the previous setting!