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Created by Guest
Created on Jul 17, 2021

Remove the "Always ring for at least 30 seconds before forwarding is completed".

When enabling the Mobile App, the user can specify from "0 Rings / 0 Seconds" to "15 Rings / 75 Seconds". Why is there another default option for "Always ring for at least 30 seconds before forwarding is completed"? Currently this feature is giving us lots of problems.

Every few days, we have users complaining that their mobile phone ringtones are delayed (they picked up on the 1st ring but the caller said the call already rang 4 times) and their desktop phone never rang although both should ring simultaneously because we always set our mobile users to "0 Rings / 0 Seconds". This happen because of the "Always ring 30 seconds" feature get turned on by itself randomly. And also because the Mobile App's are not always reliable on WiFi and it doesn't matter that our office WiFi is 100M/100M fiber connection.

The users insist they did not change any phone (handing/forwarding) settings. Almost everyday, we see 1 or 2 users get the "Always ring 30 seconds" feature turned itself back on. We had to go thru every user to check who has the feature enabled and turn it off.

We reproduce the problem simply logging off and then back on with the mobile app -- then we saw the "Always ring 30 seconds..." feature turned back on by itself. But this is not what was happening to the users (our users said they never did anything and they never logged out since we signed up 2 weeks ago. They always stayed logged on so maybe the app signs off/on by itself from time to time? I would say this is a bug. But if this always ring 30 seconds feature doesn't exist, the bug won't exist. I wish this "Always ring 30 seconds..." for the mobile app never exist because we don't use it. And I don't know why it exist when there is already an option "0 Rings / 0 Seconds" to "15 Rings / 75 seconds" when enabling the mobile app.

  • Roger Lopez
    Mar 15, 2022

    this is the most annoying feature RingCentral has created.

  • Leonard Wei
    Oct 21, 2021

    I have the same issue. I just closed a case with RC premium support and was told that this is normal behavior. They advised me to vote on this issue here.