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Status Under review
Created by Jay Anderson
Created on Jul 21, 2021

User Selectable Desk Phones

We have 4 locations, and have many employees that travel around from location to location on a daily basis. We have even more employees that change physical offices throughout the day. Every office/desk station has a physical Polycom phone+headset combo. Currently, RingCentral has no method for a User/Employee to change their desk phone in the system, and they must find an Admin to go in and swap their desk phones in Admin Portal. I would think RingCentral would allow Users to be more 'mobile' in their workday and allow them to change their own desk phone. If a user is working in 'Office A' today, and moves to 'Office B' tomorrow morning, they should be able to easily tell the RingCentral system 'Hey, I will be using Office B Desk Phone today, and not using Office A Desk Phone anymore'.

Our previous cloud-based phone system easily let users select any desk phone in the entire organization to use, at any time.

  • Jay Anderson
    Jul 27, 2021

    We currently use hot desking on certain phones (at certain work stations that host multiple employees throughout the workday), but only because it was the only way to allow users to move on their own. Our previous system's method of simply selecting a phone in the GUI was much simpler than having to use the clunky Polycom phone menus to log in and out. The only option we see available to us right now (for an organization-wide solution at least) is to basically just make every phone in the organization a hot desk phone, which people aren't excited about.

  • Admin
    Becky Hensley
    Jul 22, 2021

    Jay, this sounds like something that hot desking might help with.
    Have you tried this as a solution?
    Users can log in and log out of phones at their leisure rather than Admins making changes.
    If this solves the issue, please let me know.
    If not, we can dig in a bit further - shoot us an email at