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Created on Jul 22, 2021

Update Ringcentral user status to Busy/DoNotDisturb if Outlook status is Busy/DoNotDisturb

I have several RingCentral users in a Tech Support call queue that make frequent use of Outlook calendar meetings and Cisco Webex for remote support assistance. They are all members of a simultaneous Ringcentral call queue for tech support.

If they are using Webex for a meeting, including that product's built in voice capabilities, they are currently getting calls from the tech support queue because the RingCentral app does not alter its user status to Busy/DoNotDisturb to match that of Outlook's user status. This is disturbing to their workflow because they are active with a customer but are still being targeted by the call queue.

It would be nice if the RingCentral app updated the user's RC status to match that of Outlook, and the call queue the user is a part of excludes that user from being targeted.

  • Admin
    Jessica Hernandez
    Jul 22, 2021


    If you are busy in Outlook, the status should reflect in the RingCentral app as busy. Unfortunately, Busy does not automatically enable DND. The user would have to manually change their status to DND.

    I would recommend voting for this idea, which is that if a user is on a meeting they are automatically put on DND: