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Status Under review
Created by Nathan Boyer
Created on Jul 26, 2021

customize corporate directory

We would like the ability to customize the corporate directory. The default settings are not appropriate/correct for all our lines. For example:

  • We have managers whose assistants screen their calls. They would like to not have their own extension listed but be able to list their assistant's extension under their name in the directory. (or failing this at least the ability to be hidden in the corporate directory)

  • We have some lines that normally would be limited extensions but that had to be given full user licenses so they could be included in call queues... these are now showing up in the directory as "users." We would like the ability to move a user listing to the limited extension area of the directory (and vice versa) to reflect how these lines are actually used (and get rid of some confusion).

  • We have some extensions that we would not like to list at all (for example overflow call queues... these only create confusion in the directory). We would like a check box to include (or not include) any extension in the directory.

Any ability to customize the corporate directory at all would be very welcome.

In order of priority: a check box to include, or not include an extension in the directory would be a great first step. The ability to override the defaults and select if an extension appears in the "Company" vs the "Other" tab of the mobile app would be a great second step. It would also be helpful to designate another extension or queue as the number for certain users who do not typically field their own calls.

Any of these settings would need to be set on the administrator level not on the user level. (We would want to make sure these changes were made in a consistent way across the whole company.)