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Created by Guest
Created on Jul 26, 2021

Allow RingCentral to view shared contacts on a GMail account

If your employer has a list of contacts they use for a job and you want to have access to those same contacts Gmail allows you to "share" them between accounts so that any instant updates to the contact list will be shared between all that have access to it. This allows for a clean list of contacts for the employee and employer but RingCentral does not recognize this. This causes RingCentral to not stay updated with contacts while the rest of us are. It would be nice to allow all programs to see the same list of contacts

  • Guest
    Jul 27, 2021

    It does not look like the picture came through so I am attempting to send it again in case it was an error on my behalf.

    Thank you

  • Guest
    Jul 27, 2021

    Currently we are set up with RingCentral to import Contacts from Google. The system pulls any contacts from the Main Contacts section (highlighted in blue on the picture) and adds them to the RingCentral Personal Contacts section. However, my employer would like to share their Contacts to me under the section Delegated Contacts (bottom of the picture) to which I have access to making changes on a real time basis to the Contacts that are shared here. RingCentral does not recognize this section of Google Contacts so when the App imports the contacts, it only looks at the Main Contacts, which is not being maintained in the scenario provided in the picture. I have also discovered that when inputting a contact through the RingCentral App it will update to Google Contacts but when the contact is deleted from Google it does not seem to update back to RingCentral that the contact created was removed. It makes the contact stuck in a limbo where it cannot be deleted (since the Google Source is now invalid) and it does not remove when you sync the contacts again. When the contact is deleted from the RingCentral App it does seem to delete the contact from Google Contacts. Is this something that can also be addressed? It seems that a system that could work directly with Google and their features would be beneficial to the user, especially when a company wants to use the system with multiple users and may already have an established database of customers they want integrated into their phone.

    Does this information help? I appreciate your assistance!

  • Rylie Perrault
    Jul 26, 2021

    Hey! Thanks for this idea. Are you/your employees using the Google integration?

    Please provide more information and we will direct your request towards the right team!