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Status Under review
Categories RingCentral Phone
Created by Alexandra De La Garza
Created on Aug 2, 2021

Allow option to record inbound calls but not internal calls (extension to extension)

Currently the only options on RingCentral appear to be either automatic recording inbound calls and/or outbound calls OR on demand recording of inbound and/or outbound calls. The problem with this, is that it appears that RIngCentral treats even internal calls (extension to extension) as an inbound or outbound call and records these conversations. Our organization has never recorded internal calls from our employees as it feels a bit like "big brother" and we frankly do not need this option. There should be an option to allow us the option to choose to not record these internal calls unless we so choose to.

  • Eric Lindman
    Nov 20, 2022

    We have to have a 15 second announcement for regulatory purposes and we have to listen to it several times with every extension call and when incoming calls are transferred, the external users hear it repeated every time they are transferred. Please differentiate between an extension dial and an external DID dial.

  • Seth Wand
    Jan 18, 2022

    This seems like an oversight on RingCentral's part to allow internal calls to be recorded and something that a simple policy could control.