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Status Under review
Created by David Strollo
Created on Aug 3, 2021

Pre-stage a callback number for meetings

One thing that has been a constant issue with any of the meeting apps is the ability to call into a meeting while on the road. It would be great to be able to pre-register a phone number for a call at the time that the meeting starts. Then rather than fumbling with dialing out to a bridge while driving, you've enabled it to call you prior to the meeting. All you have to do is answer the call which you setup prior to being out on the road. I think this would be a huge improvement to the platform. Using particular dial strings is nice, but different cell phone can have different behaviors on how they need a one click URL to work for calling into a meeting. They all work the same for answering a call and since the option is there now for meetings to call you on most platforms, this wouldn't be a huge effort to allow the user to pre-stage the callback number well before the meeting starts.