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Created on Aug 4, 2021

Show "TO" information on Dynamics 365 module!

We have 55 phone numbers under one user account. We wrote a CRM module over Dynamics 365 and the RingCentral of Dynamics saved us a ton of headaches. Each phone number represents a client and we use a shared case management system that differentiates per company via Rules and PowerAutomate flows.

But we're stuck because incoming SMS/Call/Fax information does not carry "To which phone number this was sent" information!

Basically we need to see:

From (212) 365-4023
To {RingCentralPhoneNumber}

on all these items... Right now only From information is displayed and it's not enough :-)

Meanwhile, this thing works so beautifully I can cry. Thank you for everybody who's involved. Top notch product integrations team!