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Created by Guest
Created on Oct 28, 2020

Allow API SMS/MMS sending from all account numbers

Currently, the SMS API only allows sending from extensions that are directly assigned to the logged in account. It would be EXTEREMLY useful to be able to either a) allow the main number account to send from any valid extension or b) create a way that extensions permissions could be assigned to multiple accounts.

Use case: all our sales team use their ringcentral direct number as their primary method of phone/SMS interaction with all customers. I would also like to inject some automated SMSs into that stream (eg order status updates). This keeps the interaction 1:1 between customer and sales rep (b2b environment), and allows the customer to reply directly to automated updates and get additional info from their sales rep.

The only method I can currently see to do this is to maintain credentials for EVERY account in the integration app, but this is cumbersome, bad security practice and pretty fragile.

Product Line Developer Platform and APIs
  • Michael O.
    Dec 2, 2020

    Hello Guest,

    I too agree that more work can be done on shared sms accounts. I have been able to find a bit of a workaround, although it can use some improvements as well.

    What I have done for a couple customers that need to send/receive sms from their primary number is to make sure the number setup to route to a Call Queue, it can either be set to the queues Direct Dial number or you can setup the Auto Receptionist to route to a queue. I then have the end users log into their RingCentral Phone App as the Queue manager, ie. for the username use the Primary Number with the Queue extension and then use the Queue password for the password. All the different users can be logged into the queue at the same time and monitor any incoming sms or faxes and also reply to or start a new message using the primary business number.

    The down side is the users can't be logged into Queue and their account simultaneous within the same app so as a work around I have them use the RC Classic App for their direct call and message handling and then use the RC Phone App for handling the Queue messages. Also it appears that you can only log into the Queue using the RC Phone App, the Classic App or Web App doesn't appear to allow it.

    Hope this helps give you some options.