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Status Under review
Created by Guest
Created on Aug 17, 2021

Make video calls HARDER to click accidentally.

Add a step or move the video call feature. Too many pocket video conferences with large groups. I’m confused as to why it’s so easy to accidentally activate.

  • J and M Guttering
    Jan 21, 2022

    Our business has 0 use for video calls. I was actually thinking about an option to deactivate that service/option.

  • Admin
    Becky Hensley
    Dec 13, 2021

    We're not hearing this from a lot of customers, but we're always glad to hear individual use cases.
    We received your review as well and we'll be sure to bubble this up to the product team.

  • Guest
    Dec 11, 2021

    yep I’m sure I’m the only one this has happened to, three times this week

  • Admin
    Becky Hensley
    Aug 19, 2021

    Thanks for this clarification! Sorry about those pocket video conferences!
    We'll share with the product team. Stay in touch!

  • Guest
    Aug 18, 2021

    The camera icon gets clicked up top, then the start video call button down
    at the bottom. I���ve definitely made and received some interesting pocket
    video conferences!
    Anyway, it���s not just Glip. This happens with FaceTime too

  • Admin
    Becky Hensley
    Aug 18, 2021

    Thanks for sharing this feedback. Can you provide some screenshots of where you're accidentally clicking?
    Extra details will help us in conveying this feedback to the Product Team.
    You're welcome to post them here in the comments or shoot them over to us at