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Status Under review
Created by Guest
Created on Aug 19, 2021

Point top-level Site extension to call queue or extension instead of IVR (without Custom Answering Rule)

Currently the top level Site extensions are located under the Auto-Receptionist menu, and the only option for business hours is to select an IVR (after hours allows an extension). Really these Site objects should be moved outside of Auto-Receptionist and under Company Info or some other more generic location, as a Site doesn't necessarily need to use an IVR. In our case, we want the sites to point to call queues, and the only way to do this is using Custom Answering Rules, which works but is more obscure to manage and less intuitive than the primary assignment. We can't assign our main site numbers directly to call queues because they are then unavailable to be assigned as outbound caller ID numbers in User Settings Templates (only site numbers are available in the templates). Plus, assigning main site numbers directly to call queues instead of to Site objects is less intuitive structurally than using the site-level extensions. If sites could be pointed to a call queue or extension in addition to an IVR, they would be much easier to use.